Keys and the Arts of Agatha Christie

I had a dream this week that, while solving a murder mystery at a summer camp with certain members of the cast of “Veronica Mars,” I discovered that the red dirt of the forest floor was littered with half-buried metal artifacts like Allen wrenches and corkscrews and keys.  Among them, I spotted an unusual little skeleton key with a short metallic cylinder at its base.  I was so excited, I pried it out of the earth with my fingertips and took it with me, and it managed to lighten the mood of even such a dire task as confronting a heretofore concealed and respected murderer.

I determined on awakening, after my initial feelings of disappointment that I didn’t actually have such a key in my possession and some fascination that this was my second vivid murder-mystery-solving dream this month, that the symbolism of this dream was overall a good thing, that while working to solve a bigger-picture problem with the help of some brave comrades I might stumble across the key to a personal endeavor.

At least, that is how I’m taking it, and not as a sign that I’m going to have to solve a murder anytime soon.  But really… dream murder solving twice in one month?  That’s unusual, even for me.

Hope all is well out there.



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