Return From Hiatus

There are a few days of darkness left in which to curl up and rest.  The seeds are nestled deep in the earth.

They were lifeless, devoured, abandoned, dessicated, and buried.  But in the dark and in the quiet there is warmth.  And warmth thrums with things ready to be born.

Soon the moon will begin to wax fuller, our cups will swell with milk and whiskey, and the sprouts will burst from the soil to claim the sun.

Patience pays off.  The anxiety I always feel at springtime, that sensation of having missed the train, is finally starting to wear down, and the snow is at last retreating.  The other day, I swear it made all the lawns around me look like sugary funnel cake.

And so the spring is ushered in!  Hope you all are well, and I look forward to sharing this blossoming season with you all. ^-^


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