Honey Rose Moon

Today the swollen Honey Rose Moon drifted in the sign of Sagittarius, exactly halfway through the calendar between my last and approaching birthdays.  I felt like the full moon this month was just dripping love.  A loving moon in Sagittarius — a good time for turquoise, especially if it has black veins in it (best for love, or so I’m told; solid blue for prosperity).

It had been a while since I had any rituals, so I cleared off a space, lit some myrrh and a candle, and did some readings.  A long time ago I developed my own divination card system, and although I have been using it for years through innumerable readings, this was the first time I had ever drawn the card representing the moon during a full spread.  It seemed auspicious.



The theme of the reading was one of taking first steps, giving a voice to your dreams, and overcoming fear and trepidation.  This was incredibly apt given my recent struggles with intimidating work demands and possible life-changing decisions looming in my mind.  The end result, though, was encouraging: a call to invoke the energy of the full moon, and so doing, grow gradually into a fulfillment of self in courage and confidence.

I’m throwing my lucky penny into the wishing well of June and wishing everyone the best.



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