Portable Fortitude!

I recently ordered a deck of “Portable Fortitude” cards by Corina Dross after hearing them described on one of my favorite pagan podcasts, New World Witchery.

The deck arrived today and I could not be more pleased!  I’m so excited and torn between that feeling of wanting to get one for everyone I know and wanting to keep them all to myself.  The prints are clean and crisp, the cards sharp and smooth, the images haunting, spirited, tirelessly honest and funny.  I was especially pleased to see my heroine Hypatia as the Queen of Spades (did you hear the discussion of her on Standing Stone and Garden Gate?? Wee!), and the author of my most beloved book, Virginia Woolf, as the King (Yes, KING!) of Clubs.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I’ve picked out a few of my favorites to spotlight below, but I’m enamored by them all.  I look forward to seeing her other artwork and continuing to support independent artists… when I can afford it!

In a burst of good luck today, I also got a chance to talk to the heretofore astoundingly quiet interoffice mail delivery guy who startles me every other day with sudden envelopes over my shoulder when I am not paying attention.  I discovered with perhaps slightly-too-unbridled glee that he is a kindred spirit as suspected, and a friendly conversationalist once the barrier is broken.  He is leaving me to go to grad school for library sciences (twin!), and I even worked up the nerve to ask him about his work back in the day on Mystery Science Theater 3000, that tremendously strange staple of my youth.  Hooray for wholly innocuous office crush!

May the fortitude be with you!



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