On Yoolis Night

Wow, it has been a month of Sundays since I posted anything, and so much has happened!

On Halloween night, the boy and I moved into a new place, a lovely and strange old place complete with stained glass, servants’ stairs, parson’s (and pocket!) doors, a clawfoot tub, howling windows, phantom knocks, a widow’s room, and a pepto-bismol-pink bathroom.  (Not too shabby a resume for an apartment!)  Best of all, it has way more doors than make sense, and they all open with skeleton keys!  *squee*

Okay, sorry.  Clearly, I am still really excited and not wholly accustomed to the new place.  …Mostly because we are still not moved in, because work for both of us has been SO crazy.  I’m trying not to think about it too much during non-work hours, but it’s even starting to affect my dreams.  The other night, what started out as a basic work anxiety dream complete with scary, stiff-necked auditors carrying giant medieval-style books of things I could have effed up, ended with me asking (sincerely, even) how I can be the best [insert my title] I can be, and my dream told me, “Stop doing it.  Leave.”

But until I cave in to my subconscious and quit, I will be suffering in a loopy, overworked, blindly optimistic stupor.  And spending the rest of the time pretending I’m not terrified by my job and focusing on how much the rest of things don’t suck at the moment!

One down side (sort of?) to the new neighborhood, is my commute is significantly shorter, leaving me less time in the morning and evening to catch up on podcasts.  First world problems, folks.  I’m grateful that I have a place to live, food to eat, and the people I love are safe and healthy.

That about saps my gushy positive energy.  But it felt nice to put it all out there.  :)  It’s officially winter at this hour — I draped some lights around our cardboard boxes, and I’m feeling the spirit of the season.  Best wishes to you and yours, readers.  Keep yourselves and each other warm.