Consulting an elder

Consulting an elder

I crossed state lines to head “home” to my parents’ house for the weekend.  We went for a glorious walk in those old deciduous woods that just don’t exist further north where I live now, and I reveled in the familiar sights and smells.  The knotty giant oaks, the creaking and groaning of the trees stretching in the wind, the cries of a trio of red-tailed hawks circling overhead.  I spotted this intimate conversation on a fallen branch near the ravine.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about getting in touch with the elements and spirits around me, and I get the sense that a lot of other folks are reflecting on questions of ancestry, place, and connection.  Autumn seems to do that – drawing our attention to the changing seasons, the passing of time, the aging of the world, and that palpable presence of those that went before.

Part of my tuning into this has to do with some professional work I’m doing on a collection of books from the 15th-18th centuries, full of texts and etchings that also closely contemplate death and spirit.  I also am trying to sort out some visual experiences that have been insistently drawing my attention this week, and a spiritually sensitive friend of mine strongly believes them to be past life memories resurfacing.

Are you also listening to the past in the present this October?  Who, or what, is calling to you?

Wishing you successful communication and an openness to lessons this fall.  There is much more magical goodness to come!

Much love,

Spirits of the Season

A brief summary of my work week so far:

On Monday, I was asked to look up a file referencing our “delegate for the occult,” which featured the agenda for a conference on exorcism training and a book recommendation for anyone working in the domain of “deliverance” (…as in “deliver us from evil”).  On Tuesday, I received a research request from a local university professor on a 19th century priest who wrote a book called “The Spirits of Darkness and Their Manifestations on Earth.”  On Wednesday, a post-it was left for me at the front desk alerting me to a visitor who believes he is possessed, whom I should refer to Father M. when he arrives.

I can hardly contain my excitement for Thursday.

Happy Halloween!

Caterpillar corpse on hawkweed

Hoping you all are very well, and sending my best wishes for a soulful Samhain.


Archival Ephemera

Hi fellow wanderers,

I suppose it is fitting that I titled this entry “Ephemera,” because my entire post vanished when I attempted to save it before publishing.  That makes two full posts lost to the ether since September.

I commented on Women Who Run with the Wolves, the “sight” in our skin and pelts in shamanic practices, my favorite personal fairy tale (Allerleirauh), prey stalking behavior in my shopping, eating, and researching habits, and the most spiritual practice in my life of late being time spent alone in the archives connecting with the lost generations of this region.

Hopefully soon I will be able to compile my archiving notes into a full, thoughtful post with things like complete sentences.

Until then, I hope you all are healthy and warm, and sharing some seasonal love with your families.  One week to go!