Consulting an elder

Consulting an elder

I crossed state lines to head “home” to my parents’ house for the weekend.  We went for a glorious walk in those old deciduous woods that just don’t exist further north where I live now, and I reveled in the familiar sights and smells.  The knotty giant oaks, the creaking and groaning of the trees stretching in the wind, the cries of a trio of red-tailed hawks circling overhead.  I spotted this intimate conversation on a fallen branch near the ravine.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about getting in touch with the elements and spirits around me, and I get the sense that a lot of other folks are reflecting on questions of ancestry, place, and connection.  Autumn seems to do that – drawing our attention to the changing seasons, the passing of time, the aging of the world, and that palpable presence of those that went before.

Part of my tuning into this has to do with some professional work I’m doing on a collection of books from the 15th-18th centuries, full of texts and etchings that also closely contemplate death and spirit.  I also am trying to sort out some visual experiences that have been insistently drawing my attention this week, and a spiritually sensitive friend of mine strongly believes them to be past life memories resurfacing.

Are you also listening to the past in the present this October?  Who, or what, is calling to you?

Wishing you successful communication and an openness to lessons this fall.  There is much more magical goodness to come!

Much love,

Out of the Woodwork

Hello, friends!  How are you??

I incubated for a long time.

The sap FINALLY started moving, and here we are at last.  I’ve experienced some really potent personal spiritual growth over the last year thanks to a surprise work opportunity (this is possible??), I’m nearly done with school again, and I’m keen for a little sunshine.

I’ve been celebrating my re-emergence with some intense domestic nesting and cleaning, and the signs are finally telling me my timing is right.  I’d been having some problems with – house elves??? – expressing their displeasure at my neglect of my surroundings.  For example, the skeleton key that locks & opens several doors in my house, including main entrances and my bedroom, mysteriously disappeared off my key chain one day and was missing for months.  This last weekend, immediately after I finished sweeping the front stairs, I turned back around and there it suddenly was balanced on the banister.

I’ve missed this tremendous community that makes me feel like part of something even when I only practice on my own.  Looking forward to sharing with and hearing from folks beyond the borders!

Hoping the winter has passed quietly or with fanfare, and that the spring is welcoming you warmly in.

with love,

cats in the kitchen with blue bottles

cats reward my clean kitchen by posing for a still life.