Spirits of the Season

A brief summary of my work week so far:

On Monday, I was asked to look up a file referencing our “delegate for the occult,” which featured the agenda for a conference on exorcism training and a book recommendation for anyone working in the domain of “deliverance” (…as in “deliver us from evil”).  On Tuesday, I received a research request from a local university professor on a 19th century priest who wrote a book called “The Spirits of Darkness and Their Manifestations on Earth.”  On Wednesday, a post-it was left for me at the front desk alerting me to a visitor who believes he is possessed, whom I should refer to Father M. when he arrives.

I can hardly contain my excitement for Thursday.

Happy Halloween!

Caterpillar corpse on hawkweed

Hoping you all are very well, and sending my best wishes for a soulful Samhain.