Fronds unfurling

20160508_150742On my desk at work, I have a very slow-growing fern.  I’m not sure what variety it is; it actually looks like three different plants all springing out of the same root system.  My lack of talent in caring for plants is locally infamous, and for a while I thought it was dead but just staying miraculously green, because it didn’t seem like it had changed at all in months.  But just last week I was diligently watering it and looked closely, and I was thrilled to discover two tiny fronds of new growth, curled like infant fingers, just starting to stretch out.

It’s been a remarkably long time since I’ve been actively posting on this site, primarily coinciding with my return to graduate school.  I also took on a new career, which is surprisingly engaging on a spiritual level, and picked up some additional jobs to help cover the bills.  Despite being incredibly busy, it’s been a fruitful time of personal reflection as well.  Now that this round of studies has officially concluded, and I’ve put in my notice for one of the extra jobs, a steadier and calmer routine is settling in, and I, too, am noticing new branches of my own just starting to unfurl.  Thus, I’m delighted to return to this small but amazing community with new vigor and perspective.

Before I launch into new territory, I first want to express my very heartfelt gratitude to those of you who have been steadfastly sharing your paths with the world through blogs, podcasts, tweets, etc., because being able to listen to you has meant so very much to me during this time of discernment.  Without you, I would have felt completely weird and alone, but with your generous spirit, I instead feel inspired and reassured.  Thank you.

Summer is panting toward the finish line; meteors are falling like fiery snow; in my neighborhood tonight thunder threatens to shatter our windows, but beneath all that exertion is a quiet, measured, yet hopeful smile.

At the ready,
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